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What Our Members Are Saying:


quote We are long-time partners with SafeElectricity.org through the the help of our statewide association, and I love SafeElectricity! I use your resources almost every day! Thank you for all you do to help us get the word out about electrical safety and for making it easier for us to do so.

Linda Stander, Ozark Electric Cooperative, Inc., MO


"The program assists in the important job of educating our members about electrical safety."

Peggy Boulware, Grundy Electric Cooperative, MO



"I am a new member, and I am pleased with the quantity of materials and their accessibility."

Bobbe Jones, Empire Electric Association, CO


quote Thank you! I have to say, though, that I appreciate everything you do for us. EEC makes my job so much easier. There are so many resources – the articles, videos, graphics, social media tie-ins are all in one place. You basically offer the all-in-one package which makes spreading the word simple. I like that I can keep the message and look consistent throughout all of my materials. Thank you to you and your team for all of your work!

Laura Dotson, Adams Electric Cooperative, IL


"Excellent customer service."

Nancy Gibler, Central Electric Power Cooperative, MO



"Great resource to have!!!"

Meagan Moellers, Hawkeye Rural Electric Cooperative, IA


quote Becoming a member of the Energy Education Council has given our cooperative many new resources to communicate the message of electrical safety to our members and the general public. The videos are professionally made with a personal touch that brings the electrical safety message to life.

John Spiess, San Bernard Electric Cooperative, TX


"The personal stories in the TLC video series are powerful safety education tools!"

Amber Sabin, City, Water, Light & Power, IL



"I love all the member resources. The program is an excellent resource!"

Lisa Jacobsen, Perennial PPD, NE


quote Just so you know, my member utility linemen love the Gary Norland testimonial DVD. They relate to that one best of all, which helps explain its popularity and why I’m requesting the additional copies, too. Again, nice job, and keep up the great work! I make use of all of them in a series in a variety of ways, including at member “Safety Days,” community “Trade Fairs,” open houses, school PD hours, etc.

Ed Cobau, Illinois Municipal Electric Agency, IL


"Safe Electricity materials are some of the best available."

Marsha Banzhaf, Dawson PPD, NE



"I love this resource. It is a great help to me as a utility communicator!"

Mari Miller, Western Iowa Power Cooperative, IA


quote The Safe Electricity editorial calendar, along with their suggested articles and news releases, are valuable tools that I follow to create short, informative sidebars for our website. I change them out each month according to the month and time of year. In addition, I plan to incorporate their suggested social media posts when we go live on our Facebook page in the fall.

Tracy Averitt, Fayette Electric Cooperative, TX


"Excellent source for safety information."

Jim Riddle, Egyptian Electric Cooperative Association, IL



"Good variety of content and images."

Jim Sayers, Corn Belt Power Cooperative, IA


quote Federated is a proud sponsor of the Safe Electricity program. We see the Federated partnership with Safe Electricity as a cost effective way of assisting our members in developing public safety education materials that are specific to the market we serve.

Phil Irwin, Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange, KS


"Great program - helping keep not only the cooperative family safe, but the general public as well."

Mike Henry, Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives, IL



"The event was fantastic. Thanks for all your help with materials for first responder training!"

Chasity Anderson, Farmers' Electric Cooperative, MO


quote The Energy Education Council’s Safe Electricity program provides a variety of communication tools to utilize with Fayette Electric Cooperative’s comprehensive awareness program that educates the public about electrical safety. We use the material for articles in the co-op’s local pages of Texas Co-op Power magazine and for electric safety radio spots on local radio stations – all in an effort to keep our member-owners, the general public and children safe while working or playing around electricity. The safety DVDs are also an excellent resources for the safety programs presented to our linemen, operations and engineering personnel.

Catherine Poppe, Fayette Electric Cooperative, Inc., TX


"I love the program and use it for social media posts, news releases and more."

Nicole White, Cuming County Public Power District, NE



"We love your materials and articles. Thanks for doing such a great job!"

Alantha Garrison, Gunnison County Electric Association, Inc., CO


quote I LOVE your website! I use the materials frequently; they are very relevant to what we are trying to educate our members about regarding electrical safety and efficiency.

Linda Stander, Ozark Electric Cooperative, MO


"I use a ton of the Safe Electricity social media tools/messages --- LOVE IT! Thanks so much!! A great resource for us."

Meagan Moellers, Hawkeye Rural Electric Cooperative, IA



"The Energy Education Council is indeed becoming the nation's premier source for energy safety and efficiency information."

Phillip "Doc" Mueller, Illinois Municipal Electric Agency, IL


quote Safe Electricity’s impartial, peer-reviewed, research-based methodology lends a solid credibility to our safety message. Our corporate identity remains intact, as we have the option to use material off the shelf or co-branded. We see the program as a complement to our existing safety efforts at a fraction of the cost for us to produce the same materials.

Natalie Hemmer, Ameren Illinois, IL


"I appreciate your promptness and your always willingness to assist in any way!! I appreciate your service!"

Kay Simpson, Northeast Power, MO


"Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate your help – and y’alls extensive library of materials!"

Jacquelyn Muennink, Medina Electric Cooperative, TX




University of Illinois Extension